Electric Spin Scrubber
Electric Spin Scrubber
Electric Spin Scrubber
Electric Spin Scrubber

Electric Spin Scrubber

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Why not see for yourself? Take Hurricane Spin Scrubber for a spin, today!


Hurricane Spin Scrubber will blast through every last bit of dirt, grime, soap scum, limescale, calcium, and hard water stains like a whirlwind! With three interchangeable heads, spinning at an incredible 300rpm, and an extension pole that means you can reach every corner of your bathroom without bending or stretching.
Hurricane Spin Scrubber is more than a breath of fresh air for your bathroom, it's a cyclone of spinning, scrubbing spotlessness for sinks, showers, and surfaces everywhere!
Cleaning the bathroom presents a whole set of challenges that normal day-to-day cleaning doesn't hold. The build-up of limescale, soap scum and grime is bad enough but added to the task of restoring line after line of hard-to-reach grout between glazed tiles, clouded shower screens, and mildew-covered corners from floor to ceiling, it's no wonder it's the number-one problem room in the house for cleaning.
Not anymore!
Hurricane Spin Scrubber laughs in the face of limescale and mocks that moldy mildew!
With a super-powerful motor that spins at a whirlwind 300rpm and three different interchangeable heads, there isn't a surface in your bathroom that it can't clean!
The Flat Brush is great for large areas of floor and wall tiles, buffing and breezing through surface grime.
The Corner Brush is shaped to a point so it can precisely target those corners, door tracks, trims, and around your taps that usually get forgotten. It also reaches deep into grout lines to blast away mildew and mold.
The Multi-purpose Brush is ideal for corners of rooms, around the toilet and basin plinths, and even up high for cleaning coving and the top edges of tiles and splashbacks.
With little or no cleaning fluids needed the power of Hurricane Spin Scrubber will keep your bathroom spotless and take all the effort out of scrubbing.
But that's not all!
Hurricane Spin Scrubber is cordless, powered by a rechargeable battery, AND has an extending pole that adds over 4 FEET to its reach! This means you can clean low down areas like the floor of your shower or bath, skirting boards, and floor tiles, OR high up areas like showerheads, tile tops, and ceilings with NO BENDING!!
Reach across the bath or shower cubicle without any effort, and without dragging a cable from a distant wall socket!
PLUS- use Hurricane Spin Scrubber outside the bathroom! Even outside the house!
Scrub all that black, filthy brake dust from your car wheels, and clean the mold and dirt from garden furniture. Blast burnt-on stains from oven doors and BBQs
Once you've powered your way through the hard-to-clean, hard-to-reach dirt and stains around your home, you'll soon see that Hurricane Spin Scrubber takes ALL the worry and work out of the toughest scrubbing tasks.
Product Specifications:
Material: Abs, Aluminum, Rubber
Size: 107*8*12cm
Weight: 1.2kg
Voltage: Ac220v 50hz
Battery: Nicd Dc 3.6v
Power Consumption: 3.15w
Charging Time: 10 Hours Or More
Length Of Use: About 60 Minutes
Plug: EU, US, UK, AU
Package :
1x Electric Cleaning Brush
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